Trading EMA indicator at Pocket Option

EMA trading pocket option

EMA, or exponential moving average, is a moving average (MA) technical indicator that follows the direction of a price trend. It is a ‘moving average’ indicator as the average price level is calculated by taking the sum of price points over a specific time period and dividing it by the total number of points i.e. … Read more

5 signs of a poor trading strategy on Pocket Option

poor trading strategy pocket option

Most traders are constantly searching for new trading techniques and methods to improve their performance. They try to determine which strategy works best for a certain instrument, time period, or market condition. This process needs commitment, practice, and mistakes made on the way. Trading is a risky activity and even the most experienced traders face … Read more

Bulletproof trading plan for Pocket Option

designing trading plan for Pocket Option

You begin trading to earn money. You cannot do it properly without a good trading plan. Developing it and following it are some of the most important trading components. How to do it so that it serves its purpose well? How to design a good trading plan The first rule for a good plan is … Read more