Price on the ladder – how to use the stair steps pattern effectively

The candles often form the patterns on the price charts. These patterns are sometimes repeatable. You can observe the same combinations every morning or evening. And when you spot that one pattern repeats itself often enough, you can use it to your advantage. Build a strategy with it and open successful trades. Today, I will … Read more

How to use a trendline to trade on the Binomo platform

The Binomo platform offers a very useful graphical tool which is a trend line. You will need to draw it yourself, but I will guide you through this procedure. A trend line follows the movements of a price along a trend. During an uptrend the trend line joins higher lows. During a downtrend, it connects … Read more

Trade the Stair Steps Strategy on Pocket Option

stair steps pattern on Pocket Option platform

Traders often look for repeatable patterns on the price charts. Such formations help greatly in technical analysis as they say a lot about possible price behaviour. Some patterns are more commonly used than others. Have you heard about the stair steps pattern? It will be the topic of today’s article. What is the stair steps … Read more

Choosing Time Frames on Pocket Option

Timeframes Pocket Option

One of the main advantages of Pocket Option is the simplicity of opening a trading position: one only needs to anticipate whether the price is going upwards or downwards and choose the right amount to trade. It is also possible to set the duration of each position to different time frames, and make them as … Read more

Support and resistance levels – how to use them

Support and resistance - how to trade them

The levels called support and resistance are very useful lines on the price chart. They are of great help when determining the probability of the price breakouts and trend reversals. A lot of traders are relying on this tool. You should know what they are and how to use them properly. The basics of the … Read more