交易方式Your trading must be tailored to your needs and preferences.您的交易必须根据您的需求和喜好量身定制。 That is why it is very important to get to know them.这就是为什么了解他们非常重要的原因。 You should define what kind of trader you are and choose a trading style accordingly.您应该定义自己是哪种交易者,并相应地选择一种交易方式。

Generally, we distinguish four trading styles.通常,我们区分四种交易方式。 The main difference between them lies in the duration of transactions made.它们之间的主要区别在于进行交易的持续时间。 And so we have position trading, where you keep a position open for a few days up to a few years even, swing trading where the trades remain open for a couple of days, day trading with the trades that last from a few minutes to a few hours and scalping with the positions opened for several seconds or a couple of minutes at maximum.因此,我们有头寸交易,您可以将头寸保持几天甚至长达数年之久,而摇摆交易中,头寸保持几天的交易,日间交易的持续时间从几分钟到几分钟。几个小时,最多开仓几秒钟或几分钟即可完成。

It can be quite a tough task to recognise the best trading style at the beginning.在一开始就识别最佳交易方式可能是一项艰巨的任务。 But this is a step you have to take in order to increase your chances of successful trading.但这是您必须采取的步骤,以增加成功交易的机会。 This article is written to help you to choose a trading style that is the best fit for your personality.本文旨在帮助您选择最适合自己个性的交易风格。



As mentioned before, the transactions in position trading are held open for a long time.如前所述,仓位交易的交易时间很长。 It can be even a couple of years.甚至可能要几年。 This is a reason why you should consider this style only if you are patient enough.这就是为什么只有在足够耐心的情况下才应考虑使用此样式的原因。 If you get overexcited with 25 ticks in profit, it is rather not for you.如果您对XNUMX滴答滴答的兴奋过度,那不适合您。 In position trading, a target is frequently a few thousand ticks.在头寸交易中,目标通常是几千个报价。

Another characteristic of position trading style is that it requires you to stay faithful to your opinion and not to listen to others.头寸交易风格的另一个特点是,它要求您忠实于自己的观点,而不是听别人说话。 Your position will be open for a long time during which the market will change multiple times.您的头寸将开放很长时间,在此期间市场将发生多次变化。 Meanwhile, you will surely hear different opinions about the future同时,您一定会听到有关未来的不同意见 经济。 So you must not be influenced easily by what people say.因此,您一定不能轻易被别人的言论所影响。




Swing traders open their transactions for several days.摇摆交易者开放其交易数天。 This also means the trades remain open through the night.这也意味着交易通宵开放。 Obviously, you cannot stay at your desk day and night.显然,您不能日夜呆在办公桌前。 So you must accept that you will not follow the market all the time your position is opened.因此,您必须接受您不会在开仓时一直关注市场。 Do not choose swing trading if such a thought makes you feel nervous.如果这样的想法会让您感到紧张,请不要选择摇摆交易。

Moreover, usually, a large stop loss is set in this trading style.此外,通常以这种交易方式设置较大的止损。 So you need to stay calm even when the prices are going against you.因此,即使价格不利于您,您也需要保持冷静。 耐心与安宁 是您在考虑轮流交易时所需的技能。




If the previous styles do not feel like something for you because of not being able to monitor the situation in the market all the time your position is opened, day trading might be something for you.如果以前的风格由于无法始终保持头寸打开状态而无法监视市场情况而对您不适合,那么日间交易可能对您有利。 Here, you open transactions for a few minutes up to several hours.在这里,您可以打开几分钟到几个小时的事务。 This means you will close the trade before you go to bed.这意味着您将在睡觉前关闭交易。

考虑一下 一天的交易 if you want to keep track of what is going on with your position all the time.如果您想一直跟踪自己职位的状况。 Similarly, when closing all the trades before night falls will allow you to sleep better and wake up well-rested.同样,在夜幕降临之前关闭所有交易时,您会睡得更好,并且醒来时休息得很好。




Scalping commands quick decisions.扩展命令可以快速做出决定。 The trades last just a few seconds or a few minutes at most.交易最多仅持续几秒钟或几分钟。 So you should be armed with a skill of fast decision-making and taking immediate action.因此,您应该具备快速决策和立即采取行动的技能。

Furthermore, scalping may be something for you if you describe yourself rather as an impatient person.此外,如果您形容自己而不是一个不耐烦的人,那么剥头皮可能对您有用。 You want fast results and not to wait long hours to see the outcome.您想要快速的结果,而不必等待很长时间才能看到结果。 On the other hand, you have to be able to concentrate on one task exclusively so your decisions will be fast and accurate.另一方面,您必须能够专心完成一项任务,这样您的决策才能快速准确。 The trades in scalping are often open in opposite directions.剥头皮交易通常是相反的方向。 For example, the first one is long, the next short, and the next long again.例如,第一个是多头,第二个是空头,然后是下一个多头。 So be fast and focused.因此要快速而专注。




You have to get to know yourself to choose the appropriate trading style.您必须了解自己才能选择合适的交易方式。 But when you decide on one, do not give up too fast.但是,当您决定一个时,不要太快放弃。 This is an often mistake amongst the beginners.这是初学者经常犯的错误。 They change a trading style at the first loss.他们在第一次亏损时就改变了交易方式。 But such behaviour will take you nowhere.但是这种行为将使您无所适从。 You will win and you will occasionally lose.您会赢,但偶尔会输。 It does not mean you have chosen wrong trading style.这并不意味着您选择了错误的交易方式。

Learn what are your strong and weak sides, select a trading style that fits your personality and stay with it.了解您的优势和劣势是什么,选择适合您个性的交易方式并坚持下去。 It will be viable over the long term.从长远来看,它将是可行的。