选择交易市场The decision which market to choose for day trading is of great importance.选择哪个市场进行日间交易非常重要。 It will influence your future actions and results.它会影响您将来的行为和结果。 To make such a decision, you will need basic knowledge about different types of markets, their volume, liquidity and volatility.要做出这样的决定,您将需要有关不同类型的市场,其数量,流动性和波动性的基础知识。 Today's article will guide you through this topic.今天的文章将指导您完成此主题。



This is one of the most commonly traded markets.这是最常交易的市场之一。 The principals are simple, you can buy or sell a specific company shares.委托人很简单,您可以买卖特定的公司股票。 It gives you an opportunity to make a profit on the shares of such famous companies as Google, Amazon, BP or Shell.它使您有机会利用Google,Amazon,BP或Shell等著名公司的股票获利。

The stock market offers a large number of indices.股市提供了大量的指数。 You will find there你会发现那里 富时100 在伦敦证券交易所拥有一百家最大的公司,在法兰克福证券交易所拥有三十家主要公司的达克斯公司,在香港证券交易所拥有五十家主要公司的恒生公司。 此外,标普30拥有五百种最受欢迎​​的美国股票,道琼斯工业平均指数拥有三十家最大的美国公司,纳斯达克综合指数拥有世界一流的科技。

The stock market is so popular among day traders that you will find plenty of tutorials and courses on the web.股票市场在日间交易者中如此受欢迎,以至于您可以在网上找到大量的教程和课程。 There are also blogs written about it, books and online forums.也有关于它的博客,书籍和在线论坛。


The stock market is one of the most famous ones and thus there is a huge competition.股市是最著名的市场之一,因此竞争非常激烈。 This is why it might be not the best idea to choose it at the beginning of your trading venture.这就是为什么在您创业之初选择它可能不是最好的主意的原因。

Another thing is that in some countries you will need to deposit quite a lot in your account.另一件事是,在某些国家/地区,您需要在帐户中存入大量资金。 It is, for example, $25,000 in the US.例如,在美国,这是XNUMX美元。 This is another reason why I do not recommend it for beginners.这是为什么我不建议初学者使用的另一个原因。

不过,如果您是一位经验丰富的交易者,并且想了解更多关于股票市场的信息,请查看我们的文章,并比较以下内容: 传统股票交易与通过差价合约交易股票.


Forex is based upon trading a currency pair.外汇基于交易货币对。 Your task is to decide whether the future price of one currency in relation to another will be higher or lower.您的任务是确定一种货币相对于另一种货币的未来价格会更高还是更低。 Depending on your predictions you will buy or sell.根据您的预测,您将买卖。


Day trading in the forex market brings some good and some bad sides.外汇市场的日间交易带来一些利弊。 One of the advantages is that you do not have to worry about the time.优点之一是您不必担心时间。 Forex operates 24/7 so it is easy to combine your trading session with other duties.外汇全天候100/XNUMX交易,因此很容易将您的交易时段与其他职责结合起来。 Moreover, only a small deposit is required.此外,只需要少量的存款。 You can begin with just $XNUMX in the account.您可以从帐户中的$ XNUMX开始。 Another good side is that normally, there is no commission taken by brokers (or it is a very small one).另一个好的方面是,通常经纪人不会收取任何佣金(或者说很小的一笔佣金)。

Now the bad sides.现在不好的一面。 It is the truth that you can trade forex nearly all the time, however, not every time is good for it.事实是,您几乎可以一直进行外汇交易,但是,并非每次都有利。 Each currency pair is characterised by volatility and volume.每个货币对都具有波动性和数量特征。 For example, if you choose the EURUSD or GBPUSD currency pairs, it will be best to trade between 08:00 and 22:00 GMT.例如,如果您选择EURUSD或GBPUSD货币对,则最好在格林尼治标准时间XNUMX:XNUMX和XNUMX:XNUMX之间进行交易。 Additionally, you should expect some false trading signals as the market is pretty crowded and volatile.此外,由于市场非常拥挤且动荡,您应该预期会有一些错误的交易信号。 The two pairs mentioned above seem to be the best choice for beginners.上面提到的两对似乎是初学者的最佳选择。

Be careful with leverage.小心杠杆。 It is a magnificent tool that can boost your earnings, but it can just as quickly take you down.这是一个宏伟的工具,可以提高您的收入,但也可以使您失望。

You will find many tutorials on forex day trading online.您会在网上找到许多关于外汇日间交易的教程。 The forex market has become so popular due to its accessibility.外汇市场因其可访问性而变得如此受欢迎。 You do not need high opening investment, you can trade during various hours and you can use the help of many free tutorials and strategies.您不需要大量的开仓投资,可以在多个小时内进行交易,并且可以使用许多免费的教程和策略的帮助。


差价合约是 差价合约 that you make with your broker.您与经纪人达成的交易。 It requires that you buy or sell when the price is moving.它要求您在价格变动时进行买卖。 Your contract begins when you enter the trade and finishes when you exit it.您的合同从您进入交易时开始,到退出时结束。 Your task is to predict whether the price will rise or fall, then buy or sell.您的任务是预测价格是上涨还是下跌,然后买入或卖出。 Using CFDs gives you the opportunity to trade a wide range of assets without owning them.使用差价合约让您有机会交易多种资产而无需拥有资产。


The diversity of the CFD market is huge and constantly increasing.差价合约市场的多样性是巨大的,并且还在不断增加。 You can choose from more than 10,000 instruments to day trade.您可以从XNUMX多种工具中进行日间交易。

You can apply leverage when trading CFDs which can significantly expand your profits.您可以在交易差价合约时运用杠杆,这可以大大增加您的利润。 Do not forget, however, that this might as well increase losses.但是,请不要忘记这可能会增加损失。

With many brokers, you will not pay commission, nor the expiry date is determined.对于许多经纪人,您将不会支付佣金,也不会确定到期日期。 But you may be asked to pay quite a high bid/ask spread, though.但是,可能会要求您支付很高的买卖差价。


The options market has gained huge popularity and is available on most trading platforms.期权市场已经获得了极大的普及,并且可以在大多数交易平台上使用。 It offers you a chance to buy or sell the option without becoming the owner of the underlying asset.它为您提供了购买或出售期权的机会,而无需成为基础资产的所有者。

There are generally two types of options.通常有两种类型的选项。 One is called Put option and allows you to sell at a specific price.一种叫做看跌期权,它允许您以特定价格出售。 The second one is known as Call option and enables you to buy at a certain price.第二个被称为看涨期权,使您能够以一定价格购买。

You get to trade options in a variety of markets such as index options, stock options, ETF options, forex options, commodity options.您可以在各种市场中交易期权,例如指数期权,股票期权,ETF期权,外汇期权,商品期权。 I recommend that you familiarise yourself with the following article about我建议您熟悉以下有关 期权交易.


This is yet another market where you have to predict the future price of the underlying instrument.这是另一个市场,您必须在其中预测基础工具的未来价格。 You need to specify whether it will be higher or lower at a predetermined time.您需要指定在预定时间会更高还是更低。 In binary options trading, you are aware from the beginning what is the potential gain or loss.在二元期权交易中,您从一开始就知道潜在的收益或损失。

你可以交易 二元期权 在任何市场,甚至包括外汇,加密货币,原油,谷歌或特斯拉。



The cryptocurrency market is relatively new, yet its popularity is constantly rising.加密货币市场是一个相对较新的市场,但其受欢迎程度正在不断提高。 Cryptocurrencies are a good choice for intraday traders as cryptos volatility is high.加密货币对于日内交易者是一个不错的选择,因为加密货币的波动性很高。 The best-known digital currency is bitcoin.最著名的数字货币是比特币。 From the beginning, the price of bitcoin went from cents up to 20.000 US dollars in 2017. Other popular cryptos are Stellar Lumen, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Carando or Ripple.从一开始,比特币的价格从美分上涨到XNUMX年的XNUMX美元。其他流行的加密货币有Stellar Lumen,以太坊,Litecoin,Dash,Carando或Ripple。


The initial investment is quite low when you decide to day trade cryptocurrencies.当您决定当日交易加密货币时,初始投资非常低。 You can begin with a small amount or occasionally you may even receive some free bitcoins or Lumens.您可以从少量开始,有时甚至可以免费获得一些比特币或流明。 You can trade them without paying for a platform membership which can happen in the case of, for example, forex.您可以进行交易而无需支付平台会员资格,例如在外汇交易中可能会发生这种情况。

The volatility is high.波动性高。 Remember, however, that this gives you good chances for high profits, but also can result in a huge loss.但是请记住,这为您提供了获得高额利润的良好机会,但也可能导致巨大的损失。

The cryptocurrency market is now easily accessible 24/7.现在可以轻松访问XNUMX/XNUMX加密货币市场。 Moreover, you will find plenty of educational resources online.此外,您会在网上找到大量的教育资源。

As this is a considerably new market, the regulations are still developed.由于这是一个相当新的市场,因此法规仍在制定中。 Thus, you should be aware of scam brokers and know how to avoid them.因此,您应该了解欺诈代理,并知道如何避免它们。




There are many markets available for day trading and your choice must be consciously made.有许多市场可用于即日交易,必须自觉地做出选择。 You must know the market and know your preferences as well.您必须了解市场并且也了解您的偏好。 Consider the following determinants.考虑以下决定因素。

  • Availability of resources.资源的可用性。 The market updates, online offer, day trading market news help you to understand the market and then make the right decisions.市场更新,在线报价,日间交易市场新闻可帮助您了解市场,然后做出正确的决定。
  • Market volatility.市场动荡。 You get more possibilities to earn a profit when the price fluctuates a lot.当价格波动很大时,您将获得更多获利的可能性。
  • Market liquidity.市场流动性。 The higher liquidity the more opportunities for you to open trades.流动性越高,您开立交易的机会就越多。



Choosing the right market for day trading is an important decision you have to make.选择正确的日间交易市场是您必须做出的重要决定。 You have to take many factors into consideration.您必须考虑许多因素。 Think about your financial situation, risk tolerance and market knowledge.考虑一下您的财务状况,风险承受能力和市场知识。

Focus on one market at the beginning.一开始就专注于一个市场。 The markets vary considerably and you should master one before you start exploring another.市场差异很大,在开始探索另一个市场之前,您应该先掌握一个市场。 Otherwise, you can mix things up and end up in failure.否则,您可能会混淆并最终导致失败。

Many brokers offer demo accounts which are usually free of charge and supplied with virtual cash.许多经纪人提供的模拟账户通常是免费的,并提供虚拟现金。 You should practice day trading there before you invest your own capital.在投资自己的资金之前,您应该在那里进行日间交易。

Another good option is to utilise automated algorithmic trading.另一个好的选择是利用自动算法交易。 Such systems can improve the efficiency of the market.这样的系统可以提高市场效率。

Search for educational materials.搜索教材。 There is plenty you will find on the web.您会在网上找到很多东西。